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How To Layer Your BeautyLux Products: A Step-By-Step Guide

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Heather Rogers, when it comes to your skincare products, “the order of application is incredibly important.” 

Depending on your skin type and skin concerns, you probably have a few products you apply daily and a few you can apply a couple of times a week. 

If you’re beginning to discover the need for skincare, then maybe you are still in the process of shopping for new products. Even if you’ve been caring for your skin a certain way for years, you sometimes need (or want) to change up your skincare routine with new products. Finding the right routine for your skin is essential. 

It can be challenging to understand when to use what product for an optimal skin care routine - especially if you’re shopping from multiple brands that aren’t necessarily designed to work together. 

What is the most common order of application? 

In simplest terms, you likely wash your face with a cleanser in the mornings and evenings, followed by a moisturizer. And of course, you are using a broad-spectrum SPF every day.

When you start using products that target fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven tone, and under-eye circles, more potent serums, gels, and scrubs start to enter your routine. This is where it might get a little more confusing. 

When do you apply the serum? Before the gel? After the moisturizer? All of these questions suddenly appear because you’ve spent a good amount of money on your products and you want them to work well and last. 

According to Dr. Rogers, “if you don’t apply products in the correct order, you will not see the best results from your skincare regimen.” 

An easy rule of thumb to keep in mind is to apply your products in the order of the thinnest consistency to the thickest consistency. Serums and typically thinner products, whereas moisturizers can be thick and creamy. 

Cleansers are arguably the most important step in skincare routines because you want to start with clean skin before applying any of your serums, gels, scrubs, etc. It will usually state on the package to apply to “clean skin” so that the products don’t have to penetrate extra layers of sweat, makeup, or excess sebum. 

Does absorption time matter? 

Since many of us are in a hurry in the mornings and evenings, whether it’s to get out the door or get into bed, it can be tough waiting around for your products to absorb. 

Some products can take up to 30 minutes to fully soak into the skin. Who has time to wait 30 minutes between each product?! That means your routine would take a couple of hours versus a couple of minutes.

You may find it easier to keep things simple. A three-product routine in the mornings and evenings can work wonders and cut back on multiple steps and excess absorption time. If you make the routine too complicated, you may get overwhelmed and end up forgoing it altogether.

For products like a vitamin C or antioxidant serum, it can be helpful to apply these after cleansing and allow them to absorb before moisturizing.

Tip: Keep your moisturizer in your nightstand drawer, so you can get into bed and apply moisturizer right before sleep. This will give your more expensive skincare items the proper amount of time to fully absorb and set.

Essentials for a skincare routine

The first step in finding your skincare essentials is learning what skin type you have. You may have oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, or combination skin. A little online digging will help you find what's best for your skin type.

That said, there are many products that are just the basics and should be found in any skincare routine. For example, a gentle cleanser, a lightweight moisturizer, and an SPF.

Each product will feature different active ingredients for various skin types. For example, hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient found in a lot of products no matter what the skin type. That's because it's super hydrating and can work for oily and dry skin (and everything in between). Any ingredient that will strengthen the skin barrier and lock in moisture is an ingredient you want.

As we age, eye cream becomes essential. Most of our fine lines and wrinkles start around the eyes. Not to mention, dark circles become more apparent and our eyes tend to look less awake.

Also, our collagen production may decrease making it important to layer your skincare products in a way that will boost collagen production and decrease wrinkled skin.

Layering your BeautyLux products

The best part of starting your skin health journey with BeautyLux is that our products are formulated to work together. Not to mention, our products are vegan, meaning they feature plant-based antioxidant-packed ingredients.

Depending on what you are looking to achieve with your skin care, BeautyLux has a product for it. So, let's talk about how you can layer your skincare products with BeautyLux.

To keep it simple we will divide the products up into two categories: Dailies and Weeklies. Daily's you will use every day in the morning and evening. Weeklies you will use 2-3 times per week depending on what you think your skin needs.


These are the products you will use every day. You can use them in the morning and evening, or switch them up and use some products in the morning and some in the evening depending on your skin needs. These include:

  • Cleanser

  • Serum

  • Toner

  • Moisturizer


These are products that can be harsher on the skin and therefore are typically used more sparingly. Depending on your skin type and what your needs are, you can always use certain dailies, weekly and vice-versa. These are just a general rule of thumb. Weeklies include:

  • Exfoliators

  • Face Masks

Here is your step-by-step skincare routine using BeautyLux products...

Step 1: Cleanser

Cleansing should be the first step in every skincare routine to gently remove dirt and excess oil that may cause congested, dull, or uneven skin. You want to give your other skincare products a clean canvas to start with so that they can work to their fullest potential. A gentle, hydrating facial cleanser like our Cucumber Daily Cleanser purifies and tones the skin without overdrying, leaving it looking balanced and bright.


Step 2: Exfoliator

Exfoliators are a great component to rid your skin of dead skin cells that clutter your skin barrier and make it harder for your products to penetrate deeply. Face scrubs like our Exfoliating Face Scrub help smooth the skin’s surface by sloughing off dry skin and encouraging cell turnover. It also contains antioxidants and nourishing castor oil to leave skin feeling hydrated. Best used 1-2 times a week. 


Step 3: Toner

Toning re-balances your skin and sweeps away impurities so your pores are prepped and ready to absorb your serums and moisturizers. Toners such as our Toning AHA Face Mist may also contain gentle AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) to balance the skin and promote a more even tone. They also help to add another layer of hydration to the skin. 


Step 4: Water-Based Serums

Using a lightweight, the fast-absorbing serum helps deliver vitamins and potent hydration to target a range of skin concerns, from aging to dryness. Depending what your needs are, you may want a serum that targets a specific concern such as dullness. In this case, a brightening serum like our Brightening Face Serum can help to refine skin texture and boost your glow factor. If you're looking for something more multi-functional, a CC Serum loaded with vitamins can help to tone, brighten, and hydrate for a dewy complexion. 


Step 5: Eye Care

The delicate skin around our eyes needs a little extra care. Using eye serums and gels helps target dark circles, puffiness, and visible signs of aging. Our go to eye cream to support visible signs of aging is our Eye Corrector Serum, formulated with triple peptides to nourish, brighten, and firm. If you're looking to target puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines why not try our Anti-Fatigue Cucumber Eye Gel. It contains revitalizing caffeine and cooling cucumber to wake up tired eyes. 



Step 6: Moisturizer

A daily moisturizer is essential for maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier so it can look and feel its best. For the daytime, we suggest a lightweight, non-greasy formula like our Hydrating Face Moisturizer, enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and aloe to lock in moisture. For the night, a deeply hydrating and nourishing night cream such as our Detox Nightwear Cream supports your skin with peony, squalane, and a potent vitamin complex so you can wake up glowing.

And don't forget that the skin below your neck needs some lovin' too! A rejuvenating, nutrient-dense body cream such as our Hand & Body Restore Cream target fine lines and wrinkles in your neck, décolletage, and hands so the skin appears firmer and hydrated. 


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